Neuroscience and the Law

The CLB is very involved in the emerging field of neuroscience and the law.  Three members are involved the MacArthur Foundation Law and Neuroscience Project.  The CLB is also the home of SIGNAL (Stanford Interdisciplinary Group in Neuroscience and Law), a group of graduate, law, and postdoctoral students from around the university who meet monthly to discuss issues at the center of the emerging discipline.

Several of our projects are also aimed at advancing the field of neuroscience and law.  Teneille and Emily are working on a piece examining the evidentiary issues triggered by the use of functional neuroimaging as evidence.  Hank Greely has a forthcoming piece titled “Not Responsibility but Treatment” in the Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy.  On September 24th, Emily will present an overview of the promises and perils of “neurolaw” at the UCI Newkirk Center Forensic Science Education Series.  Hank Greely is the keynote speaker at the University of Akron Law School’s Neuroscience, Law, and Government Symposium on Sept 25-26th.

Check back frequently for updates on our projects, neurolaw-related events, and discussion!