Stanford blogging?   Yes, indeed.  Come along for the ride – you’ll find tips, you’ll get advice, you’ll hear from me, you’ll hear from guest bloggers, you’ll learn more about the school, you’ll have access to the SLS inside scoop.

And, while we’re on the subject of inside scoop, here’s something that should be of interest to all of you.  While I traveled across the country with my co-panelists (Rick Geiger from Cornell, Bill Hoye from Duke and Ken Kleinrock from NYU – the best traveling companions, by the way), a pesky little rumor would surface here and there.  The rumor?  SLS has changed its admissions policies and will now place more weight on the LSAT.  Worried looks and general nervousness accompanied the question as applicants sought me out at events for clarification on the change.  When I was back in the office, pre-law advisors called on behalf of their students wanting to know more about why we were instituting the change.  I was surprised by the rumor, but I completely understood the concern.  Afterall, SLS has managed over the years to convey its philosophical stance on the importance of the LSAT by not placing undue weight on this factor alone.  Think of each individual application as a puzzle and think of how pieces will fit differently depending on each individual.  For us, the LSAT has just been that – another puzzle piece.  But, let’s get back to that annoying rumor. Two words…not true.  Put your concerns and worries aside – we have not changed our policies.  You heard it from me.  Trust the source.  Now, go forth and spread the word.