Just a heads-up that the law school (and the greater University) is shutting down for the winter break at the end of the day today and will not be open for business until January 4.  What this means – for those of you waiting to hear from us – is that no decisions (good news or bad news) will be going out until we return from the break.  All submission functions will still be in place and mail will still be delivered, but you won’t be hearing a peep out of us until winter quarter starts up in early January.

For those of you still working, feverishly perhaps, on your applications, know that you’ve got time on your side given this shut-down.  Make good use of this gift of time and put together a well-crafted application.

For those of you who sat for the December LSAT and are a tad nervous that this score puts your application at a disadvantage over those who took the test earlier, no worries.  The December score is absolutely fine in terms of timing.

Happy holidays to all.  We’ll be back in touch in 2010…