CLB Workshop: Jaime King on Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis and Selective Abortion

At today’s Law & Biosciences workshop, UC Hastings’ Jaime King will discuss her upcoming paper, Not this Child: Constitutional Questions in Regulating Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis and Selective Abortion.

Like all Law & Biosciences workshop events, this talk is free and open to the public. Join us from 4:15 – 6:15 on Tuesday, Feb. 7, in Stanford Law School Room 185.

Law & Biosciences Workshop Series

February 14    Rebecca Eisenberg (University of Michigan Law School), Wisdom of the Ages or Dead-Hand Control? Patentable Subject Matter for Diagnostic Methods After In re Bilski

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February 28   Bennett Foddy (Oxford University), Engineered Addiction: Ethical Issues in Intentionally Addictive Design

March 6           Brenda Simon (Thomas Jefferson School of Law), The Implications of Cognitive Enhancement for Obviousness