Great Quarter for the Organizations and Transactions Clinic

Students, faculty and staff in the Organizations and Transactions Clinic finished up a terrific spring quarter representing client organizations in communities throughout Northern California.  In the course of their work, students conducted client site visits, met with company leaders, and presented their recommendations and findings to board members and management teams, among many other endeavors.   Read on for details of student projects this quarter:

Brian Hoffman (’13) and Susanna Kim (’12) prepared a grant agreement for use by the nonprofit arm of a Bay Area design firm in connection with its launch of an international microgrant program. The team also provided comprehensive corporate governance advice and documents to a large Bay Area food bank, an engagement involving meetings and calls with the CFO and members of its Board of Directors. Finally, Brian and Susanna carried out a comprehensive legal risk assessment for a San Francisco child abuse prevention organization. The project included substantial diligence work, preparation of a suite of documents, and meetings with the CEO and other members of its management team.

Lindsey Barnhart (’13) and Lale Uner (’13) provided governance advice and documents for a San Francisco-based international open access publisher and presented their recommendations to the CEO, CFO and chair of the Board. The team also created template sponsorship, services and non-disclosure agreements for the client. For a Bay Area food bank, Lindsey and Lale prepared contract documents regarding disaster response activities and several media releases. Finally, the team provided advice to another Bay Area food bank regarding its website and brand protection policies, a project which included several meetings with the client’s communications, IT and contract compliance executives.

Stefanie Shih (‘13) and Paul Montemayor (’13) provided governance advice and materials for a Silicon Valley mental health organization and met with the full Board of Directors and senior management team on two occasions. They also created model farm lease documents, a media release, and a services agreement for a state-wide organization that assists California farmers. Stefanie and Paul worked on an analysis of structuring options and implementation considerations for portfolio companies of a Bay Area venture philanthropy organization, an engagement which included commenting on an outside management consultant’s report, creating a standalone presentation, and participating in a webinar.

Jonathan Smith (‘13) and Emily Speak (’13) represented a San Francisco organization on a rework of materials for its commercial kitchen and business incubator programs. The project included several meetings with the client’s management team, and design and drafting of new contracts and related operational documents. For another leading San Francisco nonprofit, the team developed a set of governance and contract documents for a national consortium of immigration rights organizations. Finally, Jonathan and Emily worked with a consulting firm to provide governance advice and materials for a Bay Area conservation organization as it spins out from its current fiscal sponsor.

Nicholas Crews (‘13) and Meredith Williams (’13) created an intercompany services agreement and provided related governance advice to a San Benito County child services organization. The project included on-site diligence, review of financial statements and other materials, and multiple discussions with the chair of the Board. They also provided governance advice and materials for a San Francisco family resource center and met with the CEO to discuss the project. In addition, working with the general counsel of a national charter school organization, Nick and Meredith developed a credit agreement, grant agreement and related documents for a school start-up lending program.

Stacy Kourlis (‘13) and Jordan Wappler (’13) drafted complex lease and facility-use agreements, and developed beginning farmer program terms and land-access contracts, for a leading Northern California agricultural education organization. The project involved a site visit and multiple calls with the CEO, program leaders, and members of the Board. The team also met on several occasions with the CEO and program lead of a large Bay Area operator of farmers’ markets and provided advice and contract documents for its farm audit program. Finally, the team provided corporate governance advice and materials for a San Francisco child services organization and met with the Board to present their findings.