Criminal Defense Clinic Students Win eight dismissals in six weeks

The best defense is a strong offense!  That is the watchword of the Spring Quarter Criminal Defense Clinic students, who have recently won dismissals in eight criminal cases as a result of their vigorous assertion of their clients’ rights.

Megan Byrne and Bret Vallacher won dismissal of three misdemeanor cases — one over the prosecutor’s strong objection. In another case, in which Megan and Bret had two motions and a toxicology retest pending, the prosecutor admitted in front of the judge that the dismissal was “in anticipation of further aggressive advocacy” by the Stanford students.

Daniel Brown and Tarana Riddick also achieved dismissal of a marijuana possession case due to lack of evidence and their client’s possession of a medical marijuana card.

Mariam Hinds and Mark Feldman, just a few days before their evidentiary hearing, won dismissal in a hard-fought case involving mistaken identity.

CDC advanced students continued their zealous advocacy. Camden Vilkin and Katherine Hubbard won dismissal of all charges relating to trespass allegations after litigating for over four months.  In court, the prosecutor openly lauded Camden and Katherine for their strong defense.

Capping months of effort, Taylor Hauck and Sam Cross persuaded a judge to grant their client Proposition 36 relief (dismissal after successful drug abuse treatment) after an evidentiary hearing and an initial denial of the program.  Finally, Katherine Lin and Sam Jacobson won full dismissal of an assault case on the eve of trial.

The Criminal Defense Clinic is directed by Professor Ron Tyler.  Galia Phillips and Suzanne Luban serve as staff attorneys and Lynda Johnston provides legal assistance.

Congratulations to all.