Students Work to Prevent Client’s Deportation

Students Work to Prevent Client's Deportation 1
Stacy Villalobos and Matt Verdin debrief at a cafe after the hearing.


Immigrants’ Rights Clinic students Stacy Villalobos ’15 and Matthew Verdin ’15 represented their client at a hearing at the immigration court in San Francisco this spring.

Their client is a legal permanent resident facing the prospect of deportation. Deportation would separate the client, who is a Bay Area resident, from her husband and two daughters.Stacy and Matthew researched potential avenues to prevent the deportation in preparation for their client’s court appearance. At the hearing, they successfully submitted two applications they prepared that represented two independent defenses to their client’s deportation.

The clinic will continue to fight against the client’s deportation in immigration court in the months to come.  ◊