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New Beginnings

SLS Welcomes Class of 2026.

“Innovation” and “interdisciplinary” approaches are not brochure buzzwords for SLS, but galvanizing principles evident in the law school’s steadfast commitment to forging new frontiers.

Rayne Sullivan, JD ’23

SLS Degree Programs

Joint Degree

A hallmark of Stanford University and a distinct strength of Stanford Law, where students can explore the many ways law intersects with other fields.

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One-year master's degree programs and a doctoral degree (JSD) for international graduate students who have earned a law degree outside the United States.

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SLS Students Share Their Stories

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“Indigenous Nations are leading of the most ambitious plans for sustaining lands, waters and healthy communities across Canada. These plans draw on thousands of years of knowledge about the land and water. They reflect the understanding that if we care for the land, the land will care for ...us.”

Join us on October 2 as we honor Valérie Courtois, the 2023 Bright Award winner. #BrightAward2023 RSVP through the link in bio.

Stanford Law professor William Gould talks about the #UAWstrike and how it reflects the challenges of new technology, non-union competition, and growing inequality in the auto industry. https://stanford.io/3Ps4LB9

“You have an incumbent monopoly, Google, that is using its various sources of power to induce particularly distributors, basically on access to search engines to favor Google and thereby relatively disfavor disadvantaged” said SLS's Doug Melamed via @BLaw:

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Google’s Defenders Honed Antitrust Skills Attacking Microsoft

Google’s defense team in the biggest tech monopolization case of the modern era includes veterans of a similarly historic US antitrust case. But...