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Not just law. Stanford Law.

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There’s just so much energy and enthusiasm and intelligence at this place. People don’t just talk about problems. They find a way to fix it. They start a pro bono that’s helping veterans find jobs or helping victims of human trafficking.

James Barton, JD '15

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SLS Professor Robert Weisberg discusses New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez's bribery, fraud, and extortion conviction charges in a recent SLS Legal Aggregate Q&A.

"Menendez and his wife received things of great value in exchange for him engaging in actions which lay within ...his power... Very serious felonies. Prison aside, they will likely quickly lead to his removal from the Senate, by resignation or force," said Professor Weisberg. Learn more about the case at the link below.

"To reverse Chevron is to put Congress back in the driver's seat and to say, things are not going to happen unless you make them happen. And maybe that is the message that Congress needs," said Michael McConnell, the Richard and Frances Mallery Professor of Law at SLS, for What ...Happens Next in 6 Minutes with Larry Bernstein in "The Courts Strike Back Against the Bureaucracy." Listen to the episode at the link below.

Allen Weiner, SLS Senior Lecturer in Law, and Bailey Ulbricht (JD '22), Executive Director at the Stanford Humanitarian Project, wrote an article "Humanitarian Notification in Gaza is Broken: How to Document and Respond When Things Go Wrong" for Just Security.

"More ...needs to be done to address these deficiencies that leave humanitarians vulnerable. A centralized incident report portal should be launched by an intergovernmental entity for all notifying humanitarians to formally report when they are struck in any conflict. This could help track incidents and elucidate where things are going wrong," said Ulbricht and Weiner in their paper.

This spring, Debra Satz, dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences, and Paul Brest, professor emeritus and interim dean at SLS, taught a class titled, PHIL 3: Democracy and Disagreement. The class brought in scholars with different viewpoints to discuss a range of issues.

“Some of ...the issues [covered in the course] were not merely two-sided,” Brest said. “Many were multifaceted. The goal of the class was to listen to another position, to look for its strengths as well as its weaknesses, and to acknowledge your own position.”