JSD Application Process

Admissions and Forms

Only students who have completed a JSM at Stanford Law School are eligible to apply for the JSD Program. Except under extraordinary circumstances, a student must first complete the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies (JSM) before he or she may apply to become a JSD candidate.

Admission to the JSD program is on a highly selective basis. Please note that admission to SPILS does not imply a commitment by Stanford Law School to accept a student into the JSD program. An applicant whose prior performance in law school and SPILS was not outstanding has little chance of being admitted.

Students will apply for the JSD program in the spring, and be required to submit an application package which contains, among other materials, a current C.V., an abstract of the SPILS thesis, a statement of purpose, the proposed research topic for the JSD dissertation and recommendations from at least 2 law faculty.

If you have additional questions, please contact graduate.admissions@law.stanford.edu