Matter of J

The clinic assisted J, a longtime lawful permanent resident (“green card” holder) of the United States with citizenship in Jordan, in being granted his request to keep his green card and remain in the United States with his family. J faced removal for two minor criminal convictions, one of which took place over two decades ago and the other nearly ten years ago. As a Palestinian refugee, J has made the U.S. his home and works tirelessly to provide for his wife and their U.S. citizen children.

Nayna Gupta (‘13) and Julian Simcock (‘13), building off the work of Chris Skelton (‘13), spent countless hours preparing for J’s trial before the San Francisco Immigration Court. They prepared an extensive pre-hearing filing (including a pre-hearing brief) documenting their clients strong family, community and work ties; they prepared their client and witnesses to testify in Court (including preparing their direct and cross examinations); and they prepared opening and closing arguments to present to the judge. The judge applauded Nayna and Julian for their excellent work in representing J.