Matter of Z

The clinic represents Z in his removal defense, which he faces due to past drug convictions, despite being a longtime lawful permanent resident. Z suffered from drug addiction for a period of time, but has since rehabilitated himself. He has been sober for years and currently lives with his four young United States Citizen children and a United States Citizen spouse.

Oliver Kroll (‘13) and Sue Wang (‘12) conducted extensive research on the effects of drug convictions on Z’s charges of removability, as well as the evidence required for immigration courts to find that the convictions must lead to deportation. After complex strategic thinking, legal research, and consultation with their client, Oliver and Sue represented Z in an immigration court hearing, challenging the government’s charges against him. Aimee Krause (’13), Jeff Pierce (’13), and Ying Wang (’13), following Oliver and Sue’s efforts, worked tirelessly to develop their client’s case: conducting extensive interviews with their client; marshaling documentary evidence; interviewing witnesses and drafting witness declarations and letters; and drafting a comprehensive brief arguing that their client should be allowed to remain in the United States because of his strong connections to his family and community here. At the end of their clinic quarter, the team filed their pre-hearing brief and documentary evidence with the San Francisco Immigration Court. If their client prevails, he will be able to keep his legal permanent resident status and stay in the country with his U.S. citizen children and wife.