1L Course Context Guides


These student guides were created by Stanford Law students for other law students, and approach DEI issues in the 1L curriculum from a student perspective. The course context guides currently focus on civil procedure, contracts, and torts cases, with plans to expand to the rest of the 1L curriculum.

Course Context Guides

These course context guides provide short summaries of cases, point out issues related to DEI that inform the case, and provide links to other resources that discuss the case from a DEI perspective.

Civil Procedure

This folder contains context for the following cases:

  • Conley v. Gibson
  • Erie v. Tompkins
  • International Shoe
  • Swanson v. Citibank
  • Turner v. Rogers
  • World-wide Volkswagen v. Woodson


This folder contains context for the following cases:

  • Angel v. Murray
  • Lumley v. Wagner
  • Webb v. McGowin
  • Whity City v. PR
  • Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture


This folder contains context for the following case:

  • Palsgraf v. LIRR

Critical Conversations Reader

This reader and syllabus contains resources on critical conversations on race, power, and the curriculum, focusing particularly on the 1L curriculum from a critical race theory perspective. This reader was developed, researched, and put together by SLS students. For information updated each academic year, visit the SLS Critical Conversations Info Sheet.