Equity & Inclusion in Live & Online Teaching


This page collects resources on how to foster equitable and inclusive practices in the classroom, including checklists to consider when developing your course around inclusive practices. Many of the sources focus on online teaching, and many of these practices can also be adapted to the in-person environment.


Centers for Teaching and Learning: Resources on Inclusivity

Checklists: Are your Course Materials Inclusive?

  • Association of College and University Educators, Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit

    • 10 tips and corresponding videos, applicable to both in person and online courses.

  • Colorado School of Mines, Diversity, Inclusion & Access, Inclusive Teaching Practices Tips & Checklist,
    • Provides both tips and a checklist for things you want to try and things you have tried.
  • Iowa State University, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Mindful and Learner-Centered Syllabus Checklist
    • Seven steps for creating a learner-centered syllabus.
  • Tufts University, Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, Inclusive Practices Chart
    • Provides suggestions related to specific aspects of course design and ways to make it more inclusive.
  • UCLA Center for Education Innovation and Learning in the Sciences, Course Checklist for Inclusive Teaching
    • Walks through various aspects of a course and includes suggestions for inclusive and equitable practices. Although its title focuses on science courses, the practices apply to all disciplines.
  • University of Kansas, Center for Teaching Excellent, Creating an Inclusive Syllabus
    • Includes a checklist of resources and provides both a self-assessment tool for your syllabus and checklists of resources and actions you can take to create a more inclusive classroom.
  • University of Tasmania, Inclusive Teaching Checklist
    • Allows you to survey your course and content for representation, including within activities and the classroom.
  • University of Washington, Center for Teaching and Learning, Inclusive Teaching Strategies
    • Tips and videos, including a step-by-step guide.

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