#78 – We are on HeinOnline

30 May 2023 – All of our publications are now available on HeinOnline

#44 – Retraction

15 January 2022 – We have decide to retract "Gleaning Insight from Antitrust Cases Using Machine Learning" by Giovanna Massarotto & Ashwin Ittoo because the study could not be reproduced.

#35 – Thibault Schrepel talking computational antitrust at Stanford CodeX

12 October 2021 – Thibault Schrepel gives an overview of the computational antitrust most recent findings at Stanford Law School "Meet CodeX" event.

#32 – Talk in Brussels

29 September 2021 – Dr. Thibault Schrepel, the creator of the project, gave a keynote talk at the University of Geneva on the subject of computational antitrust.