Expungement Projects

EPA Proposition 47 Event

In June 2015, CLC and several community partners organized a regional Proposition 47 felony reduction and expungement event in East Palo Alto. The effort was led by Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and All of Us or None, who advocate for currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. CLC worked in partnership with the Public and Private Defenders of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, Lawyers Committee of Civil Rights, and many others to plan and execute the event.

The intention of the event was to educate the community about Proposition 47, review people’s RAP sheets, and assist individuals file Proposition 47 petitions throughout the Bay Area and other California counties.  At the event over 60 people were able to consult with a volunteer attorney in some capacity and there were at least 48 attorney consultations with people who brought their RAP sheets to be assessed for Proposition 47 and expungement eligibility. Dozens of participants had their Proposition 47 paperwork completed to be filed with the appropriate court. CLC students and many others volunteered for this energizing community event.

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SLS and CLC alum, Skylar Brooks (at right) Pictured With Another Prop 47 Volunteer
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Organizer Dorsey Nunn, CLC Supervising Attorney Danielle Jones, and Attorney Endria Richardson

CLC, Stanford d.school & Local Youth Work to Develop a Digital Tool for Sealing California Juvenile Records

CLC is working with the Stanford Design School (or d.school) to assess and develop a digital tool accessible to California youth hoping to seal their juvenile record. In November 2015 d.school lecturers and fellows led an interdisciplinary session bringing folks from the public and private sectors to explore creative ideas around digitizing and streamlining the California juvenile sealing application process. Local youth played an integral role in design input and assessed an existing online tool being used in Chicago, IL, called expunge.io, to evaluate the feasibility of adopting a similar digital platform for California juvenile record sealing. CLC participated in the session along with d.school designers, local engineers and coders, as well as lawyers from the California Judicial Council and the California Department of Justice.

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