Expungement Cases

Expungement Cases

Students In Action

At the beginning of every full-time quarter, law students participate in an intensive training session for expungement cases. As part of their training, students work collaboratively to analyze their clients’ RAP sheets and to explore the legal remedies that might be available to their clients like expungement, felony reduction, early termination of probation, or some combination of these. Collective effort and a shared sense of purpose is a common part of the CLC experience. The students pictured here were student attorneys at CLC during the spring 2017 term.

Postive Results

Chelsea Cook (’17), Deena Tumeh (’17), Adam Lewis (’17), and Supervising Attorney, Danielle R. Jones are pictured after court appearances in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County.  All three students won their hearings and their clients were thrilled with the results.

Expungement Cases 1
Expungement Cases 2

Before The Court Appearance

Louis Liao (‘18) and Shelby Hart-Armstrong (‘19) are pictured here before their court appearance in the Superior Court of San Mateo County.  Both students achieved successful outcomes for their clients after filing the relevant documents and appearing at the court hearings.