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The importance of community was center stage at Stanford Law School’s Class of 2016 graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 11.

M. Elizabeth Magill, Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Dean, welcomed the 1,500 or so family and friends of the 252 JD and advanced degree recipients and invited the students to thank those who brought them there and also take great pride in what they had achieved.

Culmination of Hard Work

Kimiya Shams Shash Javani, LLM ’16, the first of two student speakers elected to represent the advanced degree graduates, gave the first address to the class.

Noting that the advanced degree students are “diversity per definition,” representing 31 countries and speaking 22 languages, Javani focused on a phrase many Stanford students hear repeatedly: “You are so lucky.” Yet, Javani said “it was never pure luck that brought us here, but our commitment to hard work and our mission to be our best selves,” and “these two factors are key components that we will carry with us while serving clients worldwide.”



Law Graduates Charged with Creating Strong Communities Wherever They Land

SLS News, June 14th

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Create a Community Where All Can Thrive.

My charge to you is to take lessons from this place, and translate them wherever you land. In some places, you will find thriving schools, communities and workplaces and you will need to help sustain them. In other places, you will find something much more challenging—broken communities.

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It Was Never Pure Luck

It is no secret that we are all amazingly ambitious and hardworking individuals, and that is something that we should all remember as we go forward with our professional lives.

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The Heart of Our Job

Assuring others that the world sees them, assuring others that the world knows them.

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Take Care of Yourself.

I know you to be a class of caring, compassionate individuals. You each deserve the care and compassion you so readily extend to others.

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