Advanced Legal Writing: Business Transactions, Technology and Social Enterprise


Course Code:
LAW 686
Law Mandatory P/R/F


This course is designed to give students practical preparation in drafting and analyzing contracts and drafting with an eye toward addressing both client requirements and negotiation concerns. It should especially appeal to students interested in working in house and practicing transactional law (be it in a traditional for-profit or a social enterprise – with a focus on technology, telecom, social enterprise and collaborative arrangements.). The course offers a wide range of realistic legal writing and drafting problems–completed both inside and outside of class. These drafting assignments will help students improve their writing, drafting, and editing skills and develop their sensitivity to the expectations of the attorneys and clients for whom they will be working as well as the impact of their drafting on the other side. Students will also have an opportunity to collectively interview "clients" for the purpose of determining drafting priorities.In the course, students will learn the foundational tools necessary to analyze a variety of business agreements. Students will learn how to write clear, effective, plain language contracts. Special Instructions: Students on the waitlist for the course will be admitted if spots are available on the basis of priority and Degree of Study. Students may not drop this course after the second day of class. Corporations (Law 242) is a prerequisite for all but LLM (CGP) students. A substantial mark-up of a contract is due on the last day of class.

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