Law of Democracy – India: Field Study


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LAW 7056
Law Mandatory P/R/F


This is the Delhi, India component of Political Campaigning in the Internet Age (Law 7031) and Law of Democracy (Law7036). For details, see course description for Law 7031 and Law 7036. Students in this optional field study component will travel to Delhi, India for one week during spring break 2017. It accompanies courses in Law of Democracy and Political Campaigning in the Internet Age. Class sessions will take place primarily at the O.P. Jindal Global University, but will include visits to the Indian Parliament, Supreme Court, and National Electoral Commission. The Course will examine topics in regulation of democracy in a comparative perspective. Those topics include voting rights, campaign finance, regulation of political parties, and election administration. On the last day of the course, students will also have the option of participating in an international conference on comparative democracy to be held at O.P Jindal Law School. The course grade will be based on student essays examining a topic of the law of democracy in comparative perspective. CONSENT APPLICATION: To apply for this course, students must complete and submit a Consent Application Form available on the SLS website (Click Courses at the bottom of the homepage and then click Consent of Instructor Forms). See Consent Application Form for instructions and submission deadline.

Past Offerings

2016-2017 Winter

Law of Democracy – India: Field Study LAW 7056 Section 01 Class #33097

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