Democracy and the Constitution


Course Code:
LAW 268
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


This course will explore connections between democratic theory, constitutional theory, and constitutional law. We will discuss issues in political philosophy, law, and jurisprudence, and leading cases about freedom of expression, campaign finance, deference to administrative agencies, and legislative apportionment. Readings from Scalia, Breyer, Ely, Rawls, Dahl, Sunstein, Siegel, Kramer, Habermas, Dworkin, Przeworski, Riker, and Schumpeter. Special Instructions: Enrollment is limited to 20 students, 10 from SLS and 10 from H&S, who will be selected by lottery. Elements used in grading: Class participation and final paper. Writing (W) credit is for students entering prior to Autumn 2012. Cross-listed with Political Science (POLISCI 438) and Philosophy (PHIL 374C).

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