Human Rights and Film


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LAW 681E
Law Mandatory P/R/F


This 'Discussion' group will focus on the treatment of human rights issues in films. After reviewing brief, selected readings that provide essential background, the group will view a film (one per session, for five sessions) that focuses on issues of social conflict and human rights. Several of the film showings will be held at Prof. Cavallaro's home. Afterwards, students will consider the human rights matters addressed in the film. Films likely to include 'Battle of Algiers' and 'La Historia Oficial' (The Official Story, Argentina 1985). Winter Quarter. Class meeting dates: To be determined by instructor. Elements used in grading: Class attendance at all sessions and class participation. DISCUSSIONS IN ETHICAL & PROFESSIONAL VALUES COURSES RANKING FORM: To apply for this course, 2L, 3L and Advanced Degree students must complete and submit a Ranking Form available on the SLS Registrar's Office website (see Registration and Selection of Classes for Stanford Law Students and then see Consent of Instructor Forms). See Ranking Form for instructions and submission deadline.

Past Offerings

2015-2016 Winter

Human Rights and Film LAW 681E Section 01 Class #45275

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