Introduction to Organizational Behavior


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LAW 327
Law Honors/Pass/R credit/Fail


Why are some organizations more successful than others? Is it their emphasis on innovation and risk taking? Their founders' eccentric and visionary personalities? Or perhaps their bureaucratic discipline and effectiveness? We will explore these questions by reviewing existing theory and research on organizational problems in a number of areas including: individual motivation and behavior; decision making and leadership; interpersonal and intergroup communication, influence and conflict; organizational culture; and inter-organizational competition and cooperation. The course focuses on the reasons for organizational founding and failure, the variety of organizational forms and the ways in which organizations and their members affect one another. You will participate in a number of group exercises to illustrate the theoretical and practical implications of addressing organizational problems and increasing overall performance. Elements used in grading: Class Participation, Attendance, Written Assignments, Final Paper.

Past Offerings

2014-2015 Winter

Introduction to Organizational Behavior LAW 327 Section 01 Class #29694

  • 3 Units
    • 2L3LADV
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