Issues in Philanthropy


Course Code:
LAW 681H
Law Mandatory P/R/F


We will explore selected topics, encompassing some subset of the following: the roles of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors in society; the justifications for tax-subsidized philanthropy; whether giving to the poor is morally obligatory or discretionary; barriers to the practice of strategic philanthropy; evaluating philanthropic outcomes; impact investing; the role of corporate philanthropy; and whether foundations should be designed and run to exist in perpetuity or to spend down corpus over a finite lifetime. Winter Quarter. Class meeting dates: To be determined by instructor. Elements used in grading: Class attendance at all sessions and class participation. DISCUSSIONS IN ETHICAL & PROFESSIONAL VALUES COURSES RANKING FORM: To apply for this course, 2L, 3L and Advanced Degree students must complete and submit a Ranking Form available on the SLS Registrar's Office website (see Registration and Selection of Classes for Stanford Law Students and then see Consent of Instructor Forms). See Ranking Form for instructions and submission deadline.

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