Political Campaigning in the Internet Age


Course Code:
LAW 7031
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


This course will acquaint students with the changing environment for campaigns posed by the rise of the Internet. So much of the traditional way analysts have understood campaigns has revolved around television as the primary mode of campaign communication. The rise of the Internet, nonlinear television programming, and mobile communication enables new forms of campaigning. With particular focus on the 2016 campaign, this course will examine the relevant social science on these topics, while at the same time bringing in guest lecturers from industry, campaigns, and media. Requirements: Students will be required to complete a 25 page research paper on a topic relevant to the course. Law students enrolled in this class will have the option of participating in a one-week extension of the course (Law 7056) in Delhi, India during spring break for an additional credit. Students may enroll for this course alone or for both this course and Law 7056. The overseas option is limited to 12 students. (See Law 7056 for application instructions and deadline). Elements used in grading: Attendance, Final Paper. This course is cross-listed with Communication (COMM 153 & 253).

Past Offerings

2016-2017 Winter

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