Sustainable Energy: Business Opportunities and Public Policy


Course Code:
LAW 515
Law Mandatory P/R/F


This course examines trends and opportunities in the sustainable energy sector with a particular focus on low carbon energy. We examine these trends in the context of technological change, emerging business opportunities and the parameters set by public policy. Specific topics to be examined include: > The State of the Global Cleantech Industry.> The Impact of Regulatory Policies and Tax Subsidies.> Cost Competitiveness of Alternative Energy Technologies.> VC Perspective on Sustainable Energy Start-ups.> Project Finance > Fossil Fuels and Carbon Capture.> Renewable Energy, including Solar PV and Biofuels.> Energy Efficiency and Storage. Elements used in grading: Active class participation (30% of grade), case studies (30% of grade) and a course project (group project) to be delivered at the end of the fall quarter (40% of grade). The course project can alternatively (i) develop a (rough) business plan, (ii) analyze an existing business or technology in the sustainable energy domain, or (iii) analyze the impact of an existing regulation or proposed policy. Enrollment: Enrollment is capped at 60 students. The class is open to all MBA and Law School students. 10 seats will be set aside for graduate students from outside the two schools. These students are required to obtain instructors' permission for enrollment. Compressed class: Class will meet in weeks 3, 4, 5 and 7 of the Autumn Quarter. Cross-listed with the Graduate School of Business (GSBGEN 332).

Past Offerings

2015-2016 Autumn

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