Michael Asimow

Michael Asimow

Michael Asimow

  • Visiting Professor of Law
  • Room N218, Neukom Building


  • Administrative Law
  • Contracts
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Policy Practicum: Procedural Reform at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

The CPUC is an administrative agency headquartered in San Francisco that regulates electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and transportation. Many of its decisions (both adjudicatory decisions and regulations) are of enormous importance to the California economy. The proceedings to adopt these decisions are often lengthy and complex. The CPUC has asked us to develop procedural reforms to promote transparency and efficiency in its decision making, with three areas of interest: 1) Ex parte communication rules; 2) Open Meetings law; and 3) Evidence rules. Students will work closely with the Deputy Executive Director and CPUC in deciding which of these areas to study, with future practicums continuing research in the remaining areas.

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