The Foundation Course and Study Trip Offerings

Few law schools offer courses that integrate legal analysis and doctrine with the practical skills required to operate in the global legal environment. SLS is bridging the gap with a new foundational course called International Business Transactions and Litigation.

Designed to introduce students to the practice of law in a global context, the course is an essential building block in a SLS degree, much like evidence, tax, corporations, or administrative law. Unlike a typical course in international antitrust, international intellectual property, or international arbitration, which lets you dive deep with a narrow focus, International Business Transactions and Litigation prepares you to serve clients whose concerns involve a wide range of interconnecting issues in law and business.

International Business Transactions and Litigation is like no other law school course.

  • First, it’s team-taught by faculty who lead classes in their area of expertise, with input from general counsel and leading international law firms.
  • Second, instead of using the traditional law school case method, which focuses Socratic dialogue around a judicial opinion, International Business Transactions and Litigation uses the business school model. Each case centers on a complex, real-world transnational transaction that requires you to navigate uncertainty in search of solutions.

7-10 Days Intensive Overseas Field Study Trips

Short Immersions Instill Global Competency. At SLS, you don’t have to give up on-campus learning for a full semester of study abroad. SLS overseas field study excursions are optional trips typically attached to the end of a regular Stanford course. Whether you are spending a week at the Hague witnessing the international criminal justice system in action or finalizing a transnational merger in Brazil, each trip allows a student to be immersed in the law of another nation and witness firsthand international institutions at work.

7-10 Days: Overseas field study courses take place between quarters, so students can experience other legal cultures without losing time on SLS campus.

2 SLS Credits: Overseas field study courses allow students to cultivate global awareness while earning academic credit toward a JD or joint degree.

10-15 Students: Reflecting Stanford Law’s collaborative culture, immersion programs take a small group into an international setting, where students work closely with each other, with faculty mentors, and with leaders in the local law and business communities.


This was one of the most incredible and rewarding academic experiences I have ever had. However, without SLS’s generous financial contribution, this trip would not have been possible for me. … It is this kind of willingness to experiment, institutional flexibility, and commitment to the student experience that truly sets Stanford Law School apart.

James Barton
James Barton, JD‘15, “Studying at the Hague”, Stanford Lawyer Magazine, Issue 91

2019-2020 Field Study Trip Offerings