Mountain Winery Simulation

Case Number: SLS Simulation No. 98-001
Title: Mountain Winery Simulation
Author: Meg Caldwell, Lecturer

Case Files:

Abstract: Developer Ray Collishaw will approach the City of Saratoga with a “master plan” proposal to have the City annex the Mountain Winery property and to develop a new zoning district to accommodate expansion of the historic Paul Masson Mountain Winery’s performing arts venue and new residential/commercial development on the site. In return, Mr. Collishaw offers several “gifts” and “commitments” to the City, including dedication of 350 acres for a new city park or open space and new revenue sources. During the in-class simulation:

  1. The developer’s team present and defend their development and zoning proposal to the City Council and community members
  2. Community members concerned about environmental issues give public testimony; and
  3. City staff engage the developer’s team with their questions and concerns and ultimately render a recommendation to the City Council.

Key Words: Land use planning and zoning; general plan; prezoning; annexation; contract zoning; conditional zoning; community activists; economic development; police power; public hearing; parks; open space; master plan.