Redevelopment of the New York Coliseum: A Negotiation

Case Number: SLS Simulation No. 98-002
Title: Redevelopment of the New York Coliseum: A Negotiation
Author: Mario Palumbo, JD/ MBA Stanford ’98

Case Files:

Teaching NoteSLS Simulation No. 98-003 (20 pages)

Abstract: The Introduction and Background Materials set the stage for an in-class negotiation over issues raised by the New York City Municipal Arts Society’s lawsuit and publicity campaign to stop developer Mortimer Zuckerman from redeveloping the now vacant New York Coliseum (formerly New York’s main convention space) into a 2.7 million square foot mixed-use complex. Parties to the negotiation include the Mayor, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the developer, and community groups. Negotiation tips and rules explain effective negotiation techniques, provide preparatory questions, and lay out the precise rules of the negotiation. The Teaching Note contains a short primer on zoning terms and limitations, the confidential and individual roles information that should be provided to each negotiating party, discussion questions, and a short summary of what actually occurred.

Key Words: Land use planning and zoning; bonus or incentive zoning; contract zoning; conditional zoning; community activists; redevelopment; negotiation.