Dallas: Stress- The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful with Professor Firdaus Dhabhar

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What is stress?  How does it affect the immune system and health?   What are the characteristics of "good" versus "bad" stress responses?  What can you do to try and stay within the "good" part of the Stress Spectrum? Join Stanford professor Firdaus Dhabhar for an evening of discussion on the nature of stress; the good, the bad and the beautiful.

Our agenda is as follows:
6:30 – Doors open, reception begins
7:15 – Enter seated area for faculty presentation
7:20 – Professor begins presentation
8:00 – Q&A begins
8:30 – Event concludes

About the speaker:
Firdaus Dhabhar is an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and member of the Institutes for Immunity, Neuroscience, and Cancer at Stanford. He is a neuro-immunologist and specializes in studying the effects of stress on immunity and health, and was the first to discover mechanisms by which short-term stress enhances the body’s defenses to enhance protection during a fight-or-flight response. His laboratory is working on harnessing the biology of “good” stress to enhance immunity during surgery, vaccination, and cancer.  A longer term goal is to harness fight-or-flight physiology to enhance mental and physical performance.  Professor Dhabhar is also working with colleagues at Stanford to develop practical and sustainable interventions to minimize "bad" stress and maximize "good" stress, in order to promote health, healing, and well being.

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