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Sponsored by Codex and The E-Club

A unique entrepreneurial study and research experience combining the finest and most advanced Law and Economics theories with real business cases.

You will be guided through this process by the outstanding professors of the Scientific Committee, that will help you and your team analyze the most relevant aspects of the best practices and strategy cases, submitted by world famous Italian Companies.

The traditional constraints of professional education will be disrupted, but you won’t be left with nothing in your hands! Legal and business intelligence start-ups will in fact be there to share how their innovative products are already making any entrepreneurial activity faster and more efficient.

All of these interactions will be broadcasted from the heart of North-Eastern Italy, H-Farm Ventures, where a daily newsroom will be set up in order to reach and involve society in the storytelling of an unprecedented creation of knowledge.

Sounds good? Come found out how to apply!

We have a short list of businesses that are going to be part of our initiative by submitting strategy cases: Marzotto, Ducati, Diesel, Bottega Veneta, Luxottica, Zamperla, Moncler, De’Longhi, Cantine Santa Margherita, Zonin. We will present their stories one by one in the next weeks, including during our trip and presentations to students.

PLEASE RSVP to BRianek@stanford.edu. Lunch served.

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