Infinite Arbitration Clauses with Professor David Horton

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Professor Horton will address how businesses have begun experimenting
with what he calls “infinite” arbitration clauses: those that mandate
arbitration for all disputes between any related party in perpetuity. These
clauses are drafted to cover even shocking and unforeseeable misconduct,
parties who did not sign the container contract, and claims that arise after
the agreement has lapsed. Moreover, to cut courts out of the loop, drafters
are coupling infinite provisions with so-called “delegation” clauses, which
give the arbitrator the exclusive right to determine whether to send a cause
of action to arbitration.

Monday, October 28, 2019, Santa Clara Law
Noon-1:00pm, Charney Hall 206

Live-streaming, Stanford Law – SLS Room 272

All welcome. No charge. Pizza provided.

Infinite Arbitration Clauses with Professor David Horton


Martin Daniel Gould Center for Conflict Resolution

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