2L On-Campus Interviews

2L OCI & Resume Collect Programs

Each recruiting season the Office of Career Services conducts our 2L on-campus interviewing and resume collect programs. We invite you to participate! You may elect to recruit second-year, third-year, and advanced degree students for summer and post-graduate positions.


2L OCI Important Dates

2L OCI 2024 Dates
First Week of April OCI dates released to employers
Wednesday, May 15 Symplicity student bidding begins
Friday, June 14 Symplicity student bidding closes
Friday, June 21 OCI and Resume Collection Resumes/Schedules Available
Monday, June 24 Flo Recruit Digest Email Sent
Thursday, June 27 On-Campus Interviewing Program begins
Tuesday, July 2 On-Campus Interviewing Program ends
July Callback Interviews

Program Fees

There is a $100 registration fee for participating employers.*

Full Day                                           Half Day

(9AM-5:30 PM)                                                                     (9AM-12:45PM) OR (1:40PM-5:30PM)

$800 per schedule                                                              $400 per schedule

*There is no registration fee or schedule fee for public interest organizations and government agencies.
The schedule fee is waived for firms with less than 50 attorneys, and for non-law (corporate) employers.
There is no charge to participate in our Resume Collection.
OCI Fees are due upon receipt of the invoice


Interview Assignment Process

Interviews are allocated to students by computer lottery. Assignments are based on student preferences and availability. The majority of students receive the interviews they request. When an employer’s schedule is oversubscribed, the resumes of students on the overflow list are made available to the employer online along with those students who have been granted interviews. For Resume Collect employers, student bids are placed with no order of preference.

Accessing Your Interview Schedule & Student Resumes

OCI and Resume Collect employers will receive an email once their resume packet and/or schedule is available to view in Symplicity. Note: all communications relating our recruiting programs will be sent to the email address of the contact who originally requested a schedule, or is currently attached, if an update took place.

Requests for Writing Samples and Other Materials

For OCI: Resumes will be released to you on-line through Symplicity; for details on transcripts and ancillary materials please refer to page 4 of our SLS Recruiting Policies.

For Resume Collection: If employers wish to request additional materials beyond a resume and cover letter, they should do so by directly contacting the student after reviewing his/her resume. This includes transcripts.

Schedule Changes Made By Employers

If you need to deviate from the schedule in any way (either extend your schedule or end the interviewing early) please e-mail Melissa Leger as soon as possible.

Contacting Students

We encourage students on your overflow list, who were unable to secure an interview with you during OCI, to reach out to you in the hopes of arranging a virtual screening interview, either during your OCI day, or at another time. We hope that you will view their outreach as indicative of a strong interest in you, and will try to accommodate them. Also, you may feel free to reach out to them as well, to the extent that you are interested.

Funding For Public Interest and Government Positions

Public interest and government employers who expect students to secure all or part of their summer funding from external sources should make this clear to all interviewees.

Required Materials

For OCI & Resume Collection Participants


As we mentioned in our initial OCI invitation, we recognize that the information that you now provide to NALP regarding your workplace environment and policies is informative and comprehensive, and so we will no longer require an upload of Stanford’s Addendum to the on-line NALP profile. However, we strongly encourage you to upload your own firm narrative which addresses these issues, as they are of extreme importance to students, and doing so will show them the extent of your commitment.

OCI fees are due upon receipt of the invoice.

Submitting Interviewer Names

All OCI employers are asked to submit the name/s of their interviewer/s as soon as possible (unless you included it in your initial registration). If you’ve not yet submitted this information, please email Melissa Leger or call our office at (650) 723-3924. We ask that you also indicate whether or not the interviewer is an alumnus/a of Stanford Law School, and if so, in what year that person graduated. You may also visit Symplicity and enter this information manually into your OCI schedule(s).

Hospitality Tables

If you requested a hospitality table, we will reach out to you directly with more information.

Day of Interviews

Dinner Invitations

In recent years some employers have invited candidates at the conclusion of the on-campus interview to attend a dinner or other event. In some of these instances, it has been unclear to these students the nature of the invitation, as either open to all interviewees, or considered to be private and exclusive. To avoid confusion and prevent students from unintentionally misinforming one another, please be sure to indicate at the time of the invitation extension, the nature of this event and whether or not you wish the student to be discreet.

While we understand that this year will be as it was last season, different from full in person activity, we do anticipate that there will continue to be invitations to attend virtual events and an increasing number of in person ones. Please do let us know what you’re planning, to the extent possible, and keep the above considerations in mind.

After Your Interviews

Following Up

Effective follow-up to your virtual Stanford Law School recruiting visit is important. We have found that law students often measure a potential employer’s interest by the quality and timeliness of the follow-up procedures. At the conclusion of each interview, inform the student of the approximate date to expect your response and of subsequent steps to be taken by students who are selected.


Employers are free to extend callback invitations immediately following their OCI date, with interviews taking place at any time prior to the start of classes in the 3rd week of September. Regarding the decision to hold callback interviews either in-person or virtually we ask that you try as best as possible to be flexible, both in the timing of your interviews and also in their structure. Note: We also ask that you act in accordance with COVID health guidelines to the extent there are any and make our students health and health privacy concerns your utmost priority. Students will be expected to comply with all travel guidelines in effect from Stanford University, Stanford Law School, as well as local and county officials. We will keep our employers abreast of current guidelines when necessary.


Please refer to our recruiting policies .