Deep Engagement With Individual Clients

Counseling means researching the law, identifying options, explaining the choices, and working together with clients to make critical decisions.

Teaching Individual Representation Alongside Institutional Advocacy

A key . . . goal will be for [students] to . . . maintain ownership of their case from start to finish. We regularly see students . . . shoulder responsibility for their clients’ cases, and develop greater judgment in lawyering, through the process of representing an individual client.

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Immigrants' Rights Clinic DRAFT 21

Students Reflect on Client Meeting Preparation

Deep Engagement With Individual Clients 3

“The [client] meeting was an important step in my development as a lawyer because it was the first real client interview that I’ve ever taken the lead on […] It was very rewarding to be able to plan for an interview and have it go successfully.”
– Sam Pokross, JD ’18

“I thought the interview moot in particular was especially useful in forcing me to test strategies for how I would respond to certain questions in the moment. Playing a client during the interview moot was also hugely beneficial. Getting into role as a client made me much more aware of how important it would be to think about how a client’s experiences will affect their conduct during an interview.”
– Jillian Katterhagen, JD ’18