Representing Undocumented Residents Seeking Status

Students work on various cases to assist undocumented residents seeking status in the United States. Students interview clients, draft declarations, and represent clients in immigration court.

Case Examples

Matter of J

IRC Students assisted J, a husband, father, and longtime U.S. resident with no lawful status, who was detained after an arrest. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a Notice to Appear, charging J as inadmissible, and transferred J to a detention center. J was ultimately released after agreeing to pay a bond and wear an ankle monitor. J filed an application for relief called “Cancellation of Removal for Certain Non-Permanent Residents” IRC students conducted multiple interviews to identify and create documents and evidence in support of J’s application for relief. Students also drafted J’s declaration and met with witnesses and experts for declarations and letters of support to file with Immigration Court.

Matter of S

Students assisted S, an undocumented single mother of three United States citizen children, to obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States. S is the primary caretaker of her lawful permanent resident mother, who suffers from life threatening renal failure, which requires dialysis four times a week. Students drafted declarations and gathered other evidence, and presented arguments to the Immigration Judge and opposing counsel.
Students negotiated to close deportation proceedings in the case of their client, an undocumented young man from Mexico who has been in the United States since he was four years old. Students conducted extensive client meetings, interviewed witnesses, engaged in factual investigation, and gathered supporting evidence to establish the client’s eligibility for legal status.