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Joseph Bankman

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Policy Practicums

Joe Bankman: Applying Psychology to Tax Law - and Legal Education

…Bankman decided to enroll in the Palo Alto University/Stanford School of Medicine joint PsyD program, for which he is currently completing an internship in his fifth and final year.

But while Bankman went into the program with scholarship and policy projects in mind, he came out of it with another goal as well.

“I have all these brilliant students whom I can help by giving them some useful knowledge and improving their analytical skills. But, as I came to realize over the years, if they crash and burn it will not be because they lack these necessary skills. It will be because they lack emotional resilience to cope with the stresses and challenges of a demanding professional career. Like millions of others, they need help with anxiety and, for some, depression,” he says.

So Bankman launched a pilot project on emotional health among law students. …

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