Meet Your Classmates Form

“Meet Your Classmates” is a platform designed for new and returning students to get to know you in advance of orientation. Please use the form below to introduce yourself. “Meet Your Classmates” will be published in an online (SUNet protected) directory found on the Current Students portal.

The name, education, hometown, and photo you provide below will also appear in the Stanford Law School Who’s Who book which is printed and published online. This information, along with your degree and CV (if you choose to upload one), will also appear on the SLS directory page (SUNet protected).

Note to advanced degree students: We will distribute the “Meet Your Classmates” link to your fellow JD classmates. The class of 2024 is looking forward to welcoming you to SLS!

Note to transfer students: The class of 2025 is looking forward to your arrival! We will send your classmates a link to the “Meet Your Classmates” directory.

You can view the current “Meet Your Classmates” directory here (SUNet protected). (Note: If you are logged into the Admitted Students website, you will need to log out before logging back in with your SUNet ID.)

Note: Do not use this form to submit High Risk Data.