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We operate as a law firm and outside service provider, not internship program.

The combination of small class size, full-time nature, and manageable project load means that we can and do invest considerable time and energy in client matters and in individual student feedback and development.

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Our students are all in their second and third years at Stanford Law School. The clinic is a teaching clinic, academic course, and full-time commitment. It represents the students’ entire courseload during the quarter of enrollment. Students regularly return in a later quarter to work on selected client matters. We generally enroll 7 – 10 students in each clinic session.


Michelle Sonu, Associate Director and Lecturer in Law, is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Law School. She practiced at Cooley LLP, where she focused on acquisitions and corporate matters for technology and life science companies. Sonu studies attorney professional development and regularly engages with associate training experts in major law firms.

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