Our Team

Our students are all in their second and third years at Stanford Law School. The clinic is a teaching clinic, academic course, and full-time commitment. It represents the students’ entire courseload during the quarter of enrollment.

We have two full-time instructors. The instructors together have over 40 years of experience representing nonprofits in the clinic and consumer products, financial services, technology, and life science businesses in both law firm and senior in-house roles. They’ve also published a book and a number of articles about legal practice, legal documents, professional development, and other matters.

We generally carry out client projects through teams consisting of two students and one instructor. Students typically work on projects for 3-4 clients during the quarter. We try to give students a mix of projects, including at least one governance assignment and multiple contract or advisory matters. We on appropriate occasions carry out joint engagements and consult with the Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic here at Stanford.

Our instructors are deeply involved in the work, including participating in client meetings, developing advice, reviewing and editing all work-products and client communications, and drafting documents. We operate in accordance with State Bar of California rules relating to student legal practice and, as with any law firm in the state, the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

Our teams work in dedicated office space at the law school. Student teams engage regularly with the instructors on client matters and the full group meets twice weekly. These meetings focus on discussion of client projects and on orientation to corporate practice, in line with an operating model and curriculum designed to help prepare students for corporate practice at major law firms.