MC Weekly Update: Elon Musk JD Program False Advertising Unit

First up, Stanford’s Riana Pfefferkorn joins the show to give an update on two child safety bills on the Hill. Then Alex and Evelyn discuss the DOJ’s charges against members of a Chinese troll farm; Prof. Alexandra Roberts from Northeastern University weighs in on the Blue Checkmark Fiasco and possible legal claims that could follow; in a great sign for 2024, Twitter has stopped labelling “state-affiliated” media and Meta layed off a lot of people from its information operations investigations team; the Meta Oversight Board delivered a shruggie emoji of an opinion about Meta’s COVID-19 policies; and the Supreme Court granted cert to hear two cases about whether and when government actors can block people on their social media accounts.

Show Notes

Stanford’s Evelyn Douek and Alex Stamos weigh in on the latest online trust and safety news and developments:

  • Stanford Internet Observatory Research Scholar Riana Pfefferkorn joins the show to discuss the latest developments in child safety policy on Capitol Hill. 
  • The Department of Justice brought charges against 40 members of  the Chinese national police for deploying a troll farm using “fake social media accounts to harass and intimidate PRC dissidents, and attempting to get the dissidents’ accounts removed from a platform operated by a “U.S. telecommunications company.” – Department of Justice 

Twitter Corner

Legal Corner

  • Breaking News: The Supreme Court continues to use Evelyn’s course syllabus as their docket guide and granted cert in two cases about when and whether government actors can block critics on social media. – Jay Peters/ The Verge

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