As President Biden To Lay Out Executive Action To Combat Climate Change, What The Scope Of His Executive Powers Will Allow


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July 20, 2022
KPCC AirTalk
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President Joe Biden is preparing to announce new actions on climate change. Just days ago an influential Democratic senator quashed hopes for a sweeping legislative package of new environmental programs this year. Biden’s latest efforts comes as he is set to visit a former coal-fired power plant in Somerset, Massachusetts, that is shifting to offshore wind manufacturing. It’s the embodiment of the transition to clean energy that Biden is seeking but has struggled to realize in the first 18 months of his presidency. Wednesday’s executive actions include new initiatives to bolster the domestic offshore wind industry.

Today on AirTalk, we’re joined by New York Times Reporter Lisa Friedman and professor of law at Stanford University, Bernadette Meyler and to share what we know about President Biden’s announcement in Massachusetts today and how much he’ll be able to do without the support of Congress.

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