The Energy 202: Clean Energy Investment Needs To Triple To Halt Catastrophic Warming, Finds New Report


Publish Date:
October 31, 2017
  • Grandoni, Dino
The Washington Post
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Shortly after the United States elected President Trump, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, organized a group of fellow billionaires to commit to funding clean energy technology.

With Trump promising to distance himself from policies to reduce atmosphere-warming emissions, the high-profile executives announced they had started a fund of more than $1 billion to go toward low-emissions energy.

Energy efficiency is “not as exciting — it’s not as covered in the media,” said Dan Reicher of Stanford, one of the co-authors of the analysis. “People are a lot more intrigued by solar panels on the roof than by an efficient furnace in the basement.”

“These dynamics should be front-and-center for ministers meeting soon in Bonn,” Reicher said.

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