Jio Wants Net Neutrality Exceptions For Specialized And Managed Services, Payments


Publish Date:
April 18, 2017
  • Pahwa, Nikhil
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Reliance Jio believes that a Net Neutrality exception should be created for “Specialized Services”, payments services, online customer care services. The Indian telecom regulator TRAI is is currently holding a public consultation on whether Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecom operators (telcos) should be allowed to block, slow-down or speed-up certain websites and apps, referred to as blocking, throttling and traffic management. Thus, this consultation about discriminatory speeds of Internet access, and is a follow up to the one concluded last year, which looked into discriminatory pricing of Internet access.

Our Take: This goes against the TRAI’s own approach to Net Neutrality regulation. In its ruling on differential pricing, the TRAI had noted:

“Intuitively, the case-by-case approach may seem reasonable. However, this approach creates substantial social costs as noted by Barbara Van Schewick in “Network Neutrality and Quality of Service: What a NonDiscrimination Rule Should Look Like,” Stanford Law Review, 2015.

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