Oops: Trump’s Latest Tweet About Michael Flynn Could Strengthen Mueller’s Case Against President, Experts Say


Publish Date:
December 2, 2017
  • Dale, Daniel
The Toronto Star
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U.S. President Donald Trump was trying to defend himself.

He made things worse. Perhaps significantly worse.

The day after his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia, Trump decided, against the advice of his aides, to discuss the subject on Twitter.

The tweet was not a good idea.

Experts at Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, Duke University and the University of Texas told the Star that Trump’s words would help special counsel Robert Mueller establish a case that Trump committed obstruction of justice.

David Sklansky, a law professor at Stanford, said there was “plenty” of evidence for corrupt intent even before the tweet, which he said “strengthens the argument.” Trump, Sklansky noted, made sure to usher everyone else out of the Oval Office before raising the subject with Comey, according to Comey’s testimony.

“This is further evidence that there was ongoing deception and orchestrated deception of the American public from the middle of January into the middle of February,” Sklansky said.

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