Regulators Pressure Public Companies To Address Climate Change Impacts


Publish Date:
November 10, 2015
Colorado Public Radio
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Steyer-Taylor Center Research Fellow Donna Bebb discusses her climate exposure model and case study of Vail Resorts, Inc. in this segment.

Executives at publicly traded companies like Exxon Mobil may soon be talking more about climate change. Financial regulators are taking a closer look at how these companies disclose the impacts of climate change.

Donna Bebb, reasearch fellow at Stanford’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, said those are just a few pieces of the overall puzzle. Right now it’s really hard for investors to get the full picture.

“I think one of the reasons this is critical is because climate change is impacting a lot of companies now, and most investment analysts are not thinking about it that way,” she said

For example, a company could be overvalued because investors don’t fully understand what the risks are. Bebb recently created a model to evaluate ski companies and climate. She analyzed declining snowpack, equipment and other costs to see what the impact was on Vail Resorts, which operates 11 ski areas.

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