Sirius XM Holdings Inc Announces The Launch Of ‘Stanford Legal.’


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December 7, 2017
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Sirius XM Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:SIRI) reported the release of Stanford Legal, a new show that will focus on the core of some of the legal problems in news today. Stanford Legal is a part of company’s programming deal with Stanford University. The show will premiere on Insight channel 121 beginning December 9, 2017.

Co-hosted by Joe Bankman and Pam Karlan, the series will showcase engaging talks with legal scholars, attorneys, and leading professionals on the news-making topics including the power of prosecutors, the commercialization of pot, President Trump’s travel ban, and many more. Karlan expressed that sometimes, legal problems can appear complex. Their task on Stanford Legal is to assist their listeners understand what the regulation is, why it’s formulated that way, and the changes they should fear or hope for. It’s a remarkable prospect for Sirius XM audience to hear from their incredible colleagues, each of them an adept in a vital field.

Elizabeth Magill, the Dean of Stanford Law School, expressed that showcasing how law touches different aspect of people lives and sharing that knowledge with a broader audience is thrilling. They are excited to participate in this initiative. Scott Greenstein, the Chief Content Officer and President of Sirius XM, reported that the legal news is often complicated and can leave deep effects on people lives.

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