The Smartest People In Trumpland


Publish Date:
August 9, 2017
  • Millhiser, Ian
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John Bush comes off as a bit of a goober.

He’s compared abortion to slavery and claimed that a passport application form makes parents “subservient to the nanny state.” He casually drops the word “faggot” in speeches about local history. At a Senate hearing, he insisted that he did not intend to endorse birtherism.

Indeed, delivering a learn-from-my-example-young-ones-even-though-I‘m-locked-out-of-top-jobs speech has become a kind of badge of honor reserved for many of the leading lights of the progressive legal community. The best example of this genre was offered by Pam Karlan, a Stanford law professor, voting rights expert, and current ACS board member that Obama considered for a judgeship but ultimately did not nominate.

“Would I like to be on the Supreme Court? You bet I would!” a defiant Karlan told Stanford law’s graduating class in 2009. “But not enough to have trimmed my sails for half a lifetime.”

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