Stanford Law Review Spotlights Gorsuch Ahead Of Supreme Court Nomination Hearings


Publish Date:
March 14, 2017
  • Lovelace, Ryan
The Washington Examiner
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The Stanford Law Review published a lengthy collection of essays on Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record ahead of next week’s Senate hearings on his Supreme Court nomination.

While much work had been done comparing Gorsuch to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, the law review noted, Stanford delved into a broad array of his work including before he became a 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge.

Former 10th Circuit Judge Michael W. McConnell also wrote an essay in Stanford’s review lauding his colleague on the bench and noting that McConnell previously worked in favor of Obama-appointed Justice Elena Kagan’s confirmation.

“From his first days on the court, Judge Gorsuch was an independent thinker, never a party-liner,” McConnell wrote. “I asked my research assistant to examine every case in which Judge Gorsuch sat with a mix of Republican- and Democratic-appointed judges and reached divided conclusions. In the past five years, in almost one-third of those cases, Judge Gorsuch voted with his liberal colleagues, not with the conservatives. That is the record of a moderate, fair-minded, nonpartisan jurist.

“This is not just my opinion. Liberal and progressive law professors all over the country, not caught up in the politics of the day, have come to the same conclusion. No one agrees with all of Judge Gorsuch’s opinions. I certainly don’t. But they are without exception thoughtful, moderate and independent.”

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