Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation to visit SLS

Stanford Law School and the Native American Law Students Association will host the Supreme Court of the Najavo Nation Thursday, May 6. The Court, consisting of Chief Justice Herb Yazzie, Justice Louise G. Grant, and Justice Eleanor Shirley, will hear oral argument in one case on its docket, EXC , Inc. v. Kayenta District Court.

The judicial system of the Navajo Nation is the largest Indian court system in the United States and has been called the “flagship” of American tribal courts. The Navajo Nation operates a two-level court system: the trial courts and the Navajo Nation Supreme Court. The Navajo Nation courts handle over 75,000 cases per year.

The Court’s visit provides students and faculty an opportunity to better understand the inner workings of the tribal justice system, and to discuss contemporary Indian policy and the future of tribal court systems. Lecturer Karen Biestman will welcome and introduce the Justices and guests. The hearing will be followed by a panel discussion among the Justices moderated by Professor Pam Karlan, in an educational forum organized for Stanford Law School students.