Language Access Report

The IRC just issued a white paper entitled, “Limited English Proficient Parents and the Juvenile Justice System: A White Paper on Language Access in San Mateo County, California.” Prepared on behalf of IRC client Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality (AACRE), the white paper joins a small but growing national and state-wide conversation on the ability of Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents with youth in the juvenile justice system to effectively communicate with probation departments about their children’s cases. The white paper looks closely at language access issues at the county probation department in San Mateo County, California and presents preliminary recommendations for the County. IRC students Yara Lomeli-Loibl (’09), Kavita Narayan (’08), Alice Yuan (’08) and Ruthie Zemel (’09) worked on the report, building off earlier work performed for AACRE by former IRC students Liz Morris (’08), Hillary Ley (’07) and Olga Kuskova (’07).